Twitter makes another move to limit the number of spammers

Twitter takes yet another action to limit the number of spammers on the platform. Here's how the new system works

Twitter takes action to limit the number of spammers on the platform.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are making multiple types of precautions to limit the number of spammers. Twitter has just announced a limit onto the number of followers that can be added to an account on a single day. This step is expected to, if not omit, at least slowdown spammers.

According to a recent tweet by Twitter Safety, the new filter is supposed to help prevent spammers from adding a large number of followers and then deleting them in a bulk. Such actions will now result in violating Twitter's policies. While the earlier limit for deleting or adding followers was set to 1,000 per day, it is now capped to just 400 per day.

These new policies will make spam accounts less effective and more expensive to operate. Yoel Roth, Head of Site Integrity, Twitter, said, "First things first: You can’t stop spam, bots, or other types of manipulation with rate limits alone. However, rate limits *do* make each spam account less effective, slower, and more expensive to operate."

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He further added, "We found that nearly half of all accounts who made more than 400 follows per day were churning. That amounted to more than 20 million follows each day, and a high rate of blocks and spam reports — a clear signal that inorganic follows are super annoying."


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