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Giving Authority

Power Of Authority We are hereby giving the authority to post to everyone who has ever subscribed or is going to Subscribe By just signing up To Sign Up For an Author Account You...


End of the World

End Of The World Well the world is going to end today as per the mythologies and all but i still don’t care as it does not matter because it will be the epic conclusion to our planet...


Christmas Shopping

Christmas Shopping There was a time when you couldn’t say “Consumer Electronics” without talking about a Japanese Firm in the talk.Now, you will be hard pressed to find Sony, Panasonic, Sharp products among the...

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12 – 12 – 12

Lets Celebrate 12-12-12…… with full of happiness & joy……… Because it is the last repetitive date of this Century……….. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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i screwed up

Have you Ever felt that you screwed up or messed up anything in LIFE! well then you surely want to see this child as he is a total screw up but at the end...

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funny scenes during shoot

all funny scenes while filming our first film as a production house. funny scenes during shooting This Is the first of our many movies to come.

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Beetel Bite is here

Here We Come We have come here in public to help people just like you in the technological field. This company started with an idea when two persons sitting on a rooftop over a...