Whatsapp iOS bug allowed users to bypass biometric authentication, company releases fix

WhatsApp releases an update for its iOS app that fixes the biometric authentication bypass bug. Here's how it works

WhatsApp finally fixes the iOS biometric authentication bug

WhatsApp recently released a new update for its iOS version of the app, which allowed a user to lock the app using TouchID or FaceID authentication. Just as the update was made available, users discovered a new bug where the app lock could easily be bypassed. However, the company has now started to roll out a new update in order to solve the issue.

The bug was first reported by a Reddit user where he claimed that the biometric authentication in WhatsApp allowed anyone to get access to WhatsApp without going through Touch ID or Face ID. The Facebook-owned company soon admitted that there was a bug in the app, which they promised to fix soon. The 2.19.22 update that brings the fix is now available on Apple’s App Store. Users have installed the update and reported that the bug is finally gone and the app now secure.

WhatsApp added biometric authentication support on Apple iPhones a few weeks ago. The bug was discovered soon after the update was released. The bug only worked in cases where users had set the biometric authentication kick-in time to anything except Immediately. The app also gave other options for the kick-in time, which included After 1 minute, After 15 minutes, and After 1 hour.

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The bug worked when someone tried to share something via WhatsApp. Additionally, if the user jumped to the home screen from the iOS share option, they will be able to open the app without any need for Touch ID or Face ID authentication. However, it is good to see that the company has released the fix.


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