WhatsApp updates its privacy settings: Finally brings group invite permission

WhatsApp finally adds the much awaited group invite permission feature. Here's how to set it up on your Android or iOS device.

WhatsApp now bringing invite-based system for groups

WhatsApp is now rolling out a new update where it has improved the privacy settings. The Facebook-owned company is now giving users more control over which groups they want to join. This means now the user will need to approve an invitation from a group in order to join it.

WhatsApp also offers an invite system where the group admin can send a dedicated link following which users can join the group. However, before this update, group admins could add any of the people in their contact list without even seeking for permission. With the new update, however, users can choose to be added to only groups for which an invite has been sent by their contact. It will give the user an option to either accept or decline the invitation.

Notably, the group invite will come with its own validity giving users only around three days to accept or reject it. After the three-day period, the invite will expire and the user will not be able to join the group. Also, it is worth mentioning that the invite will consist of details like the group name, its description and group members.

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In order to enable this feature, the users will first need to update the app on their iOS or Android devices. Once the app is updated, the users can head over to WhatsApp settings and navigate to Account > Privacy > Groups. Here, the user can choose from three of the given options Nobody, My Contacts, and Everyone.


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