Xiaomi has big plans for MIUI 10 and MIUI 11: Dark mode, Dolby Atmos and more

Xiaomi has announced tons of new features for MIUI 10 and the upcoming MIUI 11. Here's everything you need to know.

MIUI 10 will soon get system wide dark mode

Xiaomi has revealed a couple of features that will be made available to MIUI users with the upcoming updates. While some of the features will be made available on the MIUI 10, others will make an appearance on the next version of the user interface. From system-wide dark mode to Dolby sound, here's everything Xiaomi is soon going to introduce in MIUI.

The Chinese smartphone manufacturer has revealed the list at MIUI's official website. As of now, the company has listed a total of 28 features. However, the forums on the website suggest around 35 more features will be adopted in the future. It also shows a list of features that are on popular demand by MIUI users.

As for the MIUI 10, the developers are working on bringing Dolby Atmos sound, superpower saving, improved garbage cleaning, system-wide Dark mode, ability to lock an app using face or fingerprint, option to adjust font and display sizes separately, battery charging status on the lock screen, the ability to wake up device screen using voice commands and much more.

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MIUI 11 is currently under developmet and it is most likely to arrive later this year. The new version of the user interface will bring in the functionality to delete an APK file after installing the app, children mode, support for cropping photos to 18:9 aspect ratio, sleep reminder function, option to cancel the sleep timer sound, dynamic clock optimisation, shortcut to increase the screen lit time, ability to add text when dragging the cursor magnifier, emergency contact information displayed on lock screen and much more.


  1. IMO all these phone makers should be required internationally to by default section off a portion of storage memory for backup restore functionality without requiring god awful device rooting and the like.

    would be great if they gave some of the new features without screwing with users wallpaper, folder and the like.

    When one of these system upgrades on all Android or iOs device that I have owned clock in at maybe 300mb or so when have multiple gb available, there is NO reason AT ALL these phone makers do not have a simple quick restore built into the phone at a hard coded level this way here is would allow the user to “try it out” and if they do not like it or whatever than they can “go back” very quickly.

    Nothing worse than many a time being forced to do these updates which often bork things to find out unless you root your device there is NO WAY to reverse/go back according to these phone people.

    billions of $$$$$$$$$$$$ in tech and man hours they can figure out how to force update OTA but cannot for some reason figure out a way for users to have a quick restore or always have a multi-stage pop up when try to do the version update (i.e Android 8 to 8.1 or in this Miui 9 to 10 or whatever)
    is simply beyond my understanding ^.^


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