Get cabs with just a message on facebook messenger

Meru Cabs now available on Facebook Messenger!

Social Media users can now book Meru cab rides via Facebook messenger

Social Media has evolved too much in this day and age of internet, but for an app like Facebook Messenger to have such a big influence on the people that meru cabs is partnering with them to have people to order a cab from their app, is showing the influence that social media has.

How to book Meru Cabs on Facebook Messenger

Meru’s entire range of taxi services will now be accessible to users via Facebook Messenger and will allow them book cabs, by just typing in some keywords and sharing their location, An chatbot will and converse with you in question- answer format through the service called Meru Bot. With this new development Meru Cabs becomes the first cab services provider in the world to go live with implementing Facebook’s Bot services.

Meru aims to widen their customer base by providing convenient and seamless cab booking access to its users.

Facebook users can simply search “Meru Cabs” on Facebook Messenger under ‘Bots and Business’ section and begin interaction. After the initial mobile number verification (one time), the user starts a normal chat with Meru Messenger Bot to book a cab. Once the location is shared on the chat box, the user is then directed to choosing sedan (Meru) or hatchback (Meru Genie) cab available for the trip with the ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival). Once confirmed, the Meru Messenger Bot responds on real time basis with the cab details along with the chauffeur’s mobile number. The bot enables the user locate his/her cab & check the fare details.

With this initiative that Meru Cabs has taken shows how social media influence brings the world together and connects people with each other making the world a smaller place to live in.


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