Ericsson introduces 5G in India for all network operators

Ericsson has hosted the Taste of Barcelona Roadshow in India, Thus confirming that they have high hopes from India for utilising their 5G technology. This show compromised 25 technology use cases.

5G will enable new applications and use cases that benefit people, business and society. It will transform all industries, and our customers here in India too are gearing for the future by evolving their current 4G networks.

Paolo Colella, Head of Region India, Ericsson

Ericsson 5g india

At this interesting event of Taste of Barcelona India Roadshow, Ericsson wants to show off various opportunities 5G has. They showcased 25 scenarios where this technology comes handy like IoT, Massive MIMI, self-driving vehicles, and consumer applications.

5G for Industries

Ericsson demonstrated how 4G LTE & 5G NR standards combined with 3GPP technologies can deliver shorter latencies, high reliability, and high capacity for industrial applications.

NFV Infrastructure

The event highlighted how an open and programmable infrastructure supports emerging services with high performance and reliability.

Cellular for Massive IoT

They also showcased how Ericsson is leading new standardisation, technology development and commercialization in the growing market for connected devices.

Ericsson Neurometric Analysis

A unique neuroscience application that demonstrated app experience thresholds for their users that mobile operators must maintain.

Ericsson experts and customers engaged in conversations and demonstrations around this new standard; platforms and services for IT, Cloud, Networks, connected solutions for industries and the Internet of Things at the Roadshow.



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