PUBG Mobile Beta program: How to sign up, what is it and more

Here is how you can sign up to become a PUBG Mobile beta tester on Android and iOS, and become the first ones to get and play new updates.

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PUBG Mobile Beta testing is out now and here's how you can sign up.

Tencent Games has announced the start of PUBG Mobile beta testing program, under which players will get to try new features ahead of every other player. They will also get to share their feedback with PlayerUnknown's Battleground Mobile or PUBG Mobile for the same. The company made the announcement via PUBG Mobile's official twitter handle.

Players who register in the PUBG Mobile Beta Testing Group will get new updates ahead of others. And their feedback will help the company make the game much better.

To sign up for the PUBG Mobile Beta Testing Group follow these steps:

  1. Head over to the registration website for the beta testers.
  2. The link above will lead you to a survey page which you will need to fill out.
  3. Once filled, you will have to wait as the company will manually go through these forms and select the candidates they find apt.
  4. If selected you will be contacted by the company on your provided email address with further information.
  5. The company would want you to keep on providing them with feedback to get better.

In the survey, the company asks questions about a player’s experience in the game, skill level, and more. Players will also have to provide their personal information like player ID and gamer tag.

In the beta testing group, you will have the chance to make a difference, as your opinion will help the developers in making the game better for everyone to play. Additionally, you will get to play and use upcoming features of the game ahead of other players.


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