Top 5 MIUI 11 features: Mi Share, Force Dark Mode and more

Here's a list of the top five features of MIUI 11 including Force Dark Mode, Ultra Battery Saver, Mi Share and more.

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Xiaomi back in October announced the launch of MIUI 11 in India and impressed us all when they said that older devices like the Redmi Note 4 will also get it. MIUI 11 brings a lot of visual changes to the devices this year. Especially for older phones. So let's dive right into the top five new features of MIUI 11.

MIUI 11: Cleaner design

While MIUI is packed with a ton of useful features. Xiaomi also packs it with endless features and UI elements without a second thought of the user experience. This is one of the reasons I don't like MIUI that much. Looks like Xiaomi took note and is finally solving that problem by introducing a cleaner design with consistent UI all around.

MIUI 11 looks much cleaner compared to MIUI 10 or any other old iterations.

MIUI 11 comes bundled with a new 'Classical' theme, which includes support for the new squircle icon shape. Native apps have been redesigned to match the overall UI, animations are not longer shutters and there is uniformity all around. Apart from that, the newer UI has fewer lines and boxes, which helps on the focus on content.

Overall, it has been designed for a full-screen cleaner experience with a consistent and updated design, providing a clean interface that will please you.

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MIUI 11: Mi Share

Mi Share is one of the key features of MIUI 11, which is designed for making its users lives easier while sharing files. If you have ever used Apple's AirDrop, you know it works like a charm. MI Share is quite similar to AirDrop. You can simply call it AirDrop for Android devices. It currently supports Xiaomi and Redmi devices, along with Oppo, Realme and Vivo devices too.

Mi Share
Xiaomi's a Mi Share lets you share files between devices smoothly.

Take note, Oppo, Realme and Vivo devices currently don't come with this feature, however, they will soon get it.

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MIUI 11: Ambient display customisation

Xiaomi added the always-on display feature onto its supported devices like the Redmi K20 Pro, Mi 9 and more, last year. However, it was quite limited in terms of customisation. With MIUI 11, Xiaomi has provided users with a number of customisability options to make it their own including animated clocks, background and ability to type your own quote.

the new MIUI brings in a lot of AOD customizations

However, if you want to save some battery, turning up the notification light-up display mode, will light up only the corners when you get a notification.

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MIUI 11: Ultra battery saver mode

MIUI has been quite aggressive on battery management since the beginning. Now, in the battery saver mode, the company has added an ultra battery saver mode option in MIUII 11. In the Ultra battery saver mode, only the basic features are kept turned on, like calling, messaging and internet connectivity without background sync. Furthermore, the wallpaper is turned to pitch black and all the animations are turned off.

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MIUI 11: Force Dark Mode

MIUI 11's Dark Mode
The new Dark mode forces the system apps and other apps to go on dark mode

If you have a device running Android 10, you can enable dark mode quite easily. On Stock Android, you will find the “override dark mode” option under Developer Options. However, Xiaomi is bringing in the same feature under the name of Global Dark Mode. It forces all apps to shift to dark mode and applies colours accordingly. You can also schedule this to go on at night and turn off in the morning if you want.


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