WhatsApp to introduce in-app browsing, reverse image search and more features soon

WhatsApp is finally bringing the in-app browser feature along with reverse image search. Here's how they work

WhatsApp testing out a few new features including in-app browsing

WhatsApp is currently one of the most popular cross-platform messaging application. The Facebook-owned app keeps testing new features and has a couple of them lined up for the upcoming updates. A recent report suggests, WhatsApp is now testing out features like n-app browsing, reverse image search and more.

As the name suggests, in-app browsing will allow users to open up web pages from within the app itself. As of now, the links you receive in the messaging app open up on the default browser. With the help of the new in-app browser feature, the user will not need to exit the application and can save a few seconds. However, one will not be able to take screenshots or record screen when using this feature.

Unlike other in-app browsers, WhatsApp will also let users know if the web page could be harmful. This will prevent users from opening any sort fo suspicious links. Additionally, the in-app browser history is inaccessible to Facebook or WhatsApp.

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Apart from in-app browsing, WhatsApp is testing out another feature called reverse image search. The feature allows users to upload the image they might have received in a chat on Google to see if it has ever appeared on the web before. This has a lot of perks, one of them being able to verify whether the image is real or fake. The Reverse image search feature will be helpful especially in countries like India where fake news gets spread quite easily over the messaging platform.


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