JVC XS-XN511A 5.1 Bluetooth Speaker Review: A speaker that can jazz up your small party

The JVC XS-XN511A is a mid-range 5.1 speaker set from JVC, which aims to fit its consumers' lifestyle seamlessly. But is it able to do so?

The JVC XS-XN511A 5.1 Bluetooth Speaker can jazz up your small party

JVC the Japanese audio brand recently launched the JVC XS-XN511A 5.1 Bluetooth Speaker in India. The XS-XN511A is the company’s first 5.1 surround channel Bluetooth speaker. With the LED lights embedded in the centre console is a good party speaker also. The company has priced the speaker at Rs. 11,999 and is available on Flipkart and Croma. Flipkart is currently selling the speaker at Rs 6,499, which even before finishing the review we are telling you it is a good deal.

When the speaker arrived at our office, we were a bit surprised seeing the small size of it, which we thought might not be able to deliver the quality of sound the company was claiming. However, when we initially fired up the speakers it was evident that they do pack a big punch. Let us find out how the speakers are able to perform in real life and were they able to stand our testing procedure.

JVC XS-XN511A: Design and Specifications

The JVC XS-XN511A sports a honeycomb-like design and is a good looking speaker set overall. The main sub-woofer console is large enough to put under a television while at the same time is able to deliver enough bass to move things inside the room and five speakers can be placed around the room.

The speakers have a total output power of 135W RMS, these include the 6.5-inch 50W sub-woofer and five 3-inch 15W satellite speakers. The speakers have a response frequency of 40-20,000Hz and a digital amplifier to provide balanced sound profiles. The device features a USB port, AUX-in, Bluetooth, FM Radio, and an SD card slot. The company has claimed that the speaker is able to deliver adrenaline-charged bass along with dynamic treble.

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JVC XS-XN511A: Performance

The JVC XS-XN511A also comes with a remote to control volumes of each speaker

The JVC XS-XN511A is a decent sounding speaker system that is able to fill up a large room with many people. The device is an overall good performer and considering the price you might not be able to find a good enough speaker system setup that gets close to this one. The vocals in most situations were clear, the lows and the mids were also good. However, during the highs, the speaker set did struggle a bit. The device with maxed out bass levels was giving out a crackling noise, which did not occur which the bass levels were taken to 75 percent. When listening alone to the speakers at full volume they were giving out a great output and were able to fill the whole room with a set of vibrations that shook the windows a bit.

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JVC XS-XN511A: Verdict

The LED lighting looks attractive

Considering that this speaker set was able to exceed the expectations we had for a brand like JVC, we were simply compelled to directly recommend it to anybody. However, running the complete list of our tests we were able to garner the information that though this is an amazing speaker set for the price it is available online, however, the fact remains that this will not cater to each and everyone. Overall the device is great and will fit most of the people’s need, but if you are a bass head we recommend you to steer a bit off of it and try purchasing a bigger speaker set that will be able to give you the fix. However, if you are a bit tight on the budget, this might just be your best option.


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