Steam vs Epic Games vs Origin: Which is the best gaming-client for you?

While Steam has been there for decades, Epic Games and Origin have clients that are giving it a challenge. Let's find out which is the best.


Steam Epic Origin Comparison 1

PC gaming has been here for decades now. In the earlier days, users had to purchase CDs or DVDs with licenses in order to play these games. With digital licences becoming a thing and increasing popularity of online gaming, gaming clients came into existence. Currently, the most popular clients are Steam, Epic Games and Origin. Here's a comparison between all three of them.


Steam is one of the oldest and most popular gaming clients. It was launched back in 2003 and today it has millions of games in its library. Some of the more popular titles that are available on steam include Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG), GTA 5 and much more. Apart from games, users can even find softwares like RainDesktop, VEGAS Movie Studio 16 and more.

Steam, games, pubg, csgo, game client comparison
Steam offers a huge gaming and software library.

As far as the interface is concerned, the client itself looks quite simple. However, in a recent update, the chat section receives an overhaul, which changes its looks as well as brought in new features. It is also worth noting that Steam has a huge active community that stays connected. The client also has an Android/iOS app, which can even be used for Steam Gaurd. It is basically a two-factor authentication system for more security.

Epic Games

While Epic Games has been here since 1991, their gaming client only started to gain attention after the launch of the popular battle royale game, Fortnite. Apart from Fortnite, some of the other popular titles now available on Epic Games are Metro Exodus, The Walking Dead: Final Season, The Division 2 and more.

Epic Games, gaming client, fortnite
Epic Games has a modern interface.

The interface looks modern when compared to something like Steam. It also has plenty of features baked into it such as the ability to connect to Steam in order to add new friends. However, unlike Steam, Epic Games does not have its own chat hub. So, if you need to talk to your teammates, you will either need to stick to in-game chat or you can use something like Discord or TeamSpeak.


Origin, origin pc, gaming, apex legends
Origin has tons of popular games in its library.

It might come to surprise to many but Origin is owned by the popular video games company, EA Games. While the client already has tons of popular games like Anthem, Battlefield V, Fifa 19, The Sims and more. However, it the downloads of the gaming client started to rise when Apex Legend launched for free.


Currently, Steam has one of the biggest game libraries, a huge community and better security. Epic Games and Origin are not far behind with great user interfaces and a growing library with much popular AAA titles.

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However, everything comes down to the availability of the game you want to play. If you want to play CS:GO, you will need to stick with Steam and if you want to play Apex Legends or Fortnite, you will have to shift to Origin or Epic Games respectively. At the end of the day, Steam, Epic Games and Origin are just clients and should not be deal breakers as a player spends most of his time in-game rather than on the client. So, it all boils down to which game you want to play today.


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