How to check if your friend has blocked you on Facebook?

Facebook is all about friends yet it does not notify you when someone blocks you. Here's how to find it out.

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Here's how you will know if your friend just blocked you on Facebook.

Facebook is one of the best social media platforms to share your pictures or thoughts. While people make over thousands of friends, there are often times when one of those friends will end up blocking you due to a fight or some drama. So, here's how you can check if he literally blocked you before crying over it for weeks.

Be it a good thing or a bad one, Facebook does not notify you that you have been blocked by a certain person. The only time you will get a doubt is when you stop seeing their posts or likes on your posts.

One of the most common ways of checking if the friend has blocked you is to search for his profile using the Facebook search bar. If you are unable to find your friend using the search bar, you might have been blocked by the person. However, there is still a chance as this also happens when the user has deleted his profile from Facebook.

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Now there is another way to be certain about whether they have deleted their account or they have blocked you. You can head over to a mutual friend's profile and search their friend list using the Friends box. If you end up finding the friend on their list, the person has definitely blocked you on Facebook. However, if you still don't find them there, the good news is they have just deleted their profile and not the friendship.


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